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Chapters 13-15 Summary John Seward's diary continues the story, describing how Lucy Westenra and her mother are buried together. Before the funeral, Van Helsing covers the coffin and body with garlic and places a crucifix in Lucy's mouth. He tells a confused Seward that, after the funeral, they must cut off the corpse's head and stuff her mouth with garlic. The next day, however, Van Helsing learns that someone has stolen the crucifix from the body, and he tells Seward that they have to wait before doing anything. Arthur Holmwood (Lord Godalming since his father's death) is heartbroken and turns to Seward for consolation. Looking at Lucy's corpse, he cannot believe that she is really dead. Van Helsing asks Arthur for Lucy's personal papers, hoping that they will give some clue as to the cause of her death. Meanwhile, Mina Murray's diary describes how she and Jonathan Harker are together in London when he sees a tall, fierce man with a black mustache and beard. Jonathan is convinced that it is Count Dracula, grown young and come to England, but he becomes so upset that he slips into a sleep and remembers nothing when he wakes. Mina decides that she must read his Transylvanian diary, for the sake of his health. That night, a telegram informs Mina of Lucy's death. An excerpt from a local paper follows, describing how a number of children have been temporarily abducted in Hampstead Heath (the area where Lucy was buried) by a strange woman whom the children call "the Bloof...

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